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Silvergate, s.r.o. is a Value Added Distributor focused on distribution of audiovisual and IT products. All the products that are distributed are carefully selected to fulfill the needs of our integrators/resellers.

searching and offering new products

Silvergate is always searching and offering new products to the integrators/resellers so they can always come with an offer to their customers with a products that are different from the competition and always can offer some value added products which the competition does not have in the portfolio.

The successful distribution model

The successful distribution model is based on high quality products, best price and with complete help to integrators/resellers to promote, sell and support all the products by direct contact with our sales, marketing and technical team so we can fast respond to any needs of the final customers. Our employees has more than 18 years experience in the field of sales, business development, IT, marketing, PR and media advisory so we can help our channels to develop the successful business.

Silvergate is a first distrubutor focused on high quality audiovisual products.Become our partner

Join our integrators network and get a special benefits like special discounts, access to promotions and to get leades to make your business more efficient. Join Silvergate´s integrators network to offer products different from your local competition and to win important projects!

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Meeting intelligence starts with hassle-free bookingsEVOKO Room Manager

Everyone has experienced the frustration that can arise around booking meetings. Evoko Room Manager can help and solve the problems that can arise in the meeting rooms.

Getting the message through to everyoneEVOKO Minto

Is the last generation audio conferencing system with extraordinary design and with the best audio features you can find in the world. The system is so powerful that can be used even in large conference rooms with more than 20 people. This system is portable so it is not necessary to have audio conference system in each room.

Next generation projectorsEiki and One&One

This projectors are equiped with the latest technology which delivers high quality pictures, advanced and new features and many more. Wide range of products let the customer decide if he needs a small projector for the office or home cinema or a big screen projector for cinema or theater.


Cue is a manufacture of automation system for offices and houses which offers a wide range of wired and wireless control panels, screens, wall mounted button panels and many more. This system enhances your lifestyle, work-style, entertainment and communication.

Videoconferencing softwareTrueconf

Trueconf is a manufacturer of next generation videoconferencing system which includes audioconference, videoconference, WebRTC, chat, file transfer, integration with IP PBX, MCU, IP cameras, Active Directory, etc. It supports on-premise and cloud installation which gives a freedom to the end user to choose how to use this system. You can use this system from any device like cellphone, tablet, computer, IP phone, videoconference system, etc.

Digital Signage SystemsSmart Media Solutions

SMS develops value-added accessories for sound and vision to be used indoors and outdoors. All products are designed to meet clear user-defined needs and environments: education, office & conference, retail & display, events & shows, media, hotel, public spaces, and home use.

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